Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them by J.K. Rowling

Find in catalogFantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (Hogwarts Library book) is a book that describes the creatures mentioned in the Harry Potter book series. The book is written as a sort of encyclopedia. It includes commentary from some of the characters in the Harry Potter series. I recommend this book to anyone who is a fan of that series or who enjoys fantasy. They would enjoy the author’s very creative imagination.

The Tales of Beedle the Bard by J.K. Rowling

Find in catalogThe Tales of Beedle the Bard is a collection of fairy tales from the Harry Potter book series. It includes the well-known story “The Tale of the Three Brothers,” which became one of the themes in the book “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.” I recommend this book to anyone who likes the Harry Potter series, fairy tales, or short stories.

Miki Falls. 4, Winter by Mark Crilley

Find in catalogBook four of the Mikki Falls quartet is fast paced and unexpected. Their love story has come to the final chapter and the dangers have caught up with them. Young love is resilient, and Mikki has a plan! The artistry of this novel was well done, the facial expressions are believable.

When it’s Real by Erin Watt

Find in catalogWhen It’s Real is teen drama amped up. Teen heartthrob & rockstar, Oakley, needs a new image and his PR team has decided dating an ordinary girl will do the trick. When Vaughan is offered the position she only agrees for the year long fake relationship because of her family’s dire financial situation. I really enjoyed the premise of this book because it made me think if I was a teen girl in Vaughan’s situation would I agree to this sham?! I think for the majority of teen girls they would take on the job of playing a fake girlfriend to a super hot rock star. But, as with anything in life, there are some obstacles that make their situation a little more difficult. It doesn’t help that Oakley is a major jerk when they first meet and the fact that he’s not really onboard with his PR teams idea of putting on this charade. “Half the time when you open your mouth, you say something that makes me want to punch you. But when you sing…you make it really hard to hate you.”

An enemy-to-friends-to-lovers tale where a fake relationship turns into something real with all the whistles and bells. I had fun reading this story because I transported myself back to my teen days and thought about what it would be like to have this opportunity to be paid to pretend to be the girlfriend of a teen rock star. HELL YEA!! I would have been all over that like a bee to honey. When It’s Real is a standalone young adult romance. Readers who love the misunderstood hero will enjoy this story. Also, readers who love when an ordinary person catches the attention of a famous person will be heaven too. If you’ve heard the hype about the author duo – Erin Watts but haven’t had a chance to read them yet … here’s your chance to try their work without committing to a series (like with their The Royals series). This author duo is top notch!

The Riverman by Aaron Starmer

Find in catalogIf you have a bad habit of sitting down to read for a “few minutes” and then waking up to realize you’re starving and you’ve finished the entire book, this is the kind of story you’ll want to watch out for. I think my mind is still a little lost in Aquavania. I’m impressed with this author’s ability to connect everything you see into the plot. Things that I thought were slice-of-life details turned out to be crucial information later on. The feeling I have upon finishing? Mostly satisfied, but like there’s still a couple loose ends. But I believe it’s a series… Good thing, too. I hope a couple things from the ending get a better resolve later on. Overall, an engrossing read. The kind of well-written book that’s hard to put down.

The 100: Day 21 by Kass Morgan

Find in catalogThis is the second in The 100 series by Kass Morgan (it now has a popular CW show based on the novels) and its fun and captivating, with tons of twists and turns to keep you reading! It’s really different than the TV show and I think the differences make sense in the different settings. I like the characters and the story line is really interesting and I always find myself wanting to find out what is next.

Wintersmith by Terry Pratchett

Find in catalogTerry Pratchett has long been a favorite of mine. This novel, which is geared for young adults, is delightful. It is part of the Discworld series, containing 41 books… none of which I’ve read. This book can stand alone, though there were references to other stories in the series. Tiffany Aching is a young witch, learning her craft. In the fall of her 13th year, she gets caught up by the music of the Morris dance, and inadvertently piques the interest of the Wintersmith – whereas he is supposed to fall in love with the Summer Lady. While he is trying to woo and impress Tiffany, he brings winter down on the land. She must outwit the love-struck would be Romeo, and bring Spring into the world. Her Wee Free Men, help out, as always… with the best of intentions!

Gabi, a Girl in Pieces by Isabel Quintero

Find in catalogI really liked this book for multiple reasons. I appreciated how the author added Spanish so it was a multilingual book. It was also inspiring how she wrote about what she believed in without stopping to be quieted by critics. This book is so bold and outright that you can connect without boundaries. It is one of the most truthful books I have ever read. Gorditas be warned: Gabi’s journal is coming to make you cry, laugh and get you over what other people think of you.

Drawn Away by Holly Bennett

Find in catalogI have to admit it–I first picked Drawn Away up because the cover typogrpahy is just so darn beautiful. I didn’t know if I’d actually like the book. Guess I got lucky! The premise was interesting and the story kept me hooked through the end. A YA with likable characters, Drawn Away made me feel for all sides–not just the lead. Nice job, Holly Bennett! 4.5/5

Everland by Wendy Spinale

Find in catalogTwo of five stars. Spoilers ahead-

I enjoyed the book. Mostly. I had a good time reading it, so you’re probably wondering why I’ve only given Everland two stars. It’s like this: I didn’t feel great when it finished. And not because I was left anticipating the second volume. Why didn’t I feel good when it finished? The fact that the main character is basically a total heartless jerk and (spoiler) cuts off a certain other character’s hand. I get that the author did this to try and tie-in even more with the whole Peter Pan thing, but seriously. This was a bad way to do it. The main character was already only marginally-likable. There was this long moment where I was like, certainly she’s going to have a change of heart and despite doing this awful thing, at least she’s going to try to redeem herself by helping him. Yes, that’s right! They will take him with them. Of course! This is how the previously-dangerous antagonist will reform his ways. La, la, la………Woah, wait, what? They’re leaving? They’re leaving him? You can’t be serious. Especially since this previously evil character became harmless as soon as he was defeated. They just straight-up murdered him. And then went on to the kissy-kissy happy ending for the main characters. I know. That is how this book ended on a very bad note. I wanted to like this book. I did. I even enjoyed reading (skimming?) it, for the most part. Until the end. I guess the over-use of similes should have turned me away from the start, but hey, I’ll put up with a lot for the prospect of a romance within an interesting plot. Too bad the supposed good guys were ultimately unrelatable and heartless.