Option B by Sheryl Sandberg and Adam Grant

Find in catalogNot that good for me, wanting to find tools to build resilience from PTSD. Perhaps a good book for people wanting to build resistance from the grief of a dead loved one, as the author repeatedly referred to her own experience in that….but not much towards building resistance in general sense. Some was applicable, but I had to wade through far too much of the author’s personal experience from a totally different need.

Commonwealth by Ann Patchett

Find in catalogA good book, good character development in a well written story. Not sappy, rather well choosen verbage to express emotions. Pictures of the emotions, painted with succinct words.

Pachinko by Min Jin Lee

Find in catalogA most enjoyable book, with depth and unforgettable characters, showing a humanity common to us all, even though set in Korea and Japan, about Koreans.

Conclave by Robert Harris

Find in catalogI felt interested all the way through, and really looked forward to seeing how the political machinations played out with true spirituality of some of the characters. Good character studies, and an inside look at something that formerly did not much interest me – until this book.

Little Black Dress by James Patterson

Find in catalogHighly recommended, and I am not an easy please when it comes to current books. I likede it because it was different, and also inspiring. To me, it also made me think about the deeper connection between a women’s sexual confidence and her personal power. I liked it enough to search out other books by the same author. I’m glad I found it on the library’s Lucky Day shelf.

Rachel, The Rabbi’s Wife by Silvia Tennenbaum

Find in catalogI thought it was pretty good, not a real page turner, and yet it did keep my interest because the characters were understandable and seemed real. It did give me some understanding of Jewish habits and customs.

The Brass Go-Between by Oliver Bleeck

The Brass Go-BetweenAn amusing, well-paced easy read, with interesting twists and turns as this mystery progresses.

Reviewed by Theresa

Mr. Bedford and the Muses by Gail Godwin

Mr. Bedford and the MusesThis is a book of 6 short stories, and my review is of the excellent first one, titled “Mr. Bedford.” At 113 pages, regular type, it is a long ‘short story.’ I liked it because the author presented an in-depth and dryly humourous account of her stay in London with an eccentric couple, almost indescribable, walking the tightrope between truly concerned people and con-artists. It’s also her account of the personalities of the varied people they had as boarders. Altogether, a fun yet thought-provoking read, with wonderful insights into human character.

Reviewed by Theresa

People of the Silence by Kathleen O’Neal Gear & W. Michael Gear

people of the silenceA very good book, describing a plausible fall to the Anasazi Empire. Very good character development, and explaintion of the Anasazi way of life, complete to even the kinds of tea they made from spruce needles, juniper berries, their dwellings, and the many tribes within the area.

Reviewed by Theresa