The Martian by Andy Weir

Find in catalogThe Martian is, thus far, my favorite sci-fi book! I couldn’t help but reread this adventure into the human spirit. I love the demonstrations of science making life better and the determination of human kind’s ability to never give up. This book is too realistic to be just sci-fi, it’s able to show what I hope it would really be like if a person got left on Mars. It has the ability to be funny and light-hearted as well as touch on serious matters of life and what is worth living.

Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel

Find in catalogA flight from Russia lands in the United States carrying passengers who are infected with a disease that wipes out 99% of the human population. Life as we know it is over in a matter of weeks. Flash forward 20 years, to a band of traveling musicians and actors who roam the land trying to keep art alive in their post apocalyptic world. It’s an interesting premise, but ultimately the story falls flat in many places. It really has very little to do with art and just seems to ramble along without purpose. A lot of the story line was predictable and in general I found the whole thing to be rather emotionless.