The Green Smoothie Prescription: A Complete Guide to Total Health by Victoria Boutenko

Find in catalogI found some delicious recipes in this book featuring green or vegetable-based with fruit smoothies. They are easily modifiable by substituting ingredients of your own choosing. I used a regular blender and no juicer. The smoothies blended just fine to a drinkable texture, despite being created of¬†things like lettuce leaves, beet greens, or spinach mixed with fruit, etc. Each recipe made enough for at least 2 good smoothies, which might be extended by adding water. What I found rather amusing about the book was that each recipe is titled with an almost medical-sounding ‘prescription’ such as: 20/20 Vision, Brain Health, Memory Booster, Sweet Love Cocktail, Aging Gracefully, Lovely Legs, etc. Well, more power to her: she sold her book. You can be the judge whether the ‘promises’ are true, but they are tasty and healthy, that is for sure.

Cooked by Michael Pollan

CookedI’ve been fascinated by Michael Pollan’s books about food (The Botany of Desire, The Omnivore’s Dilemma were my favorites.) Here is another, this one about how we, meaning humans, have prepared food. He divides the book into sections by what element is used in cooking — fire, as in barbeque, water, as in soups and stews, air, as in bread baking, and earth, as in fermented foods like pickles, cheese, and home brews.

He includes chemistry, history, and cultural viewpoints. I particularly like reading about his “field trips” to visit experts in the various types of cooking. You’ll have to wait in line for this one, but it’s worth it. It may even tempt you with the recipes included to try some of the techniques at home.

Reviewed by Sue D.