Golden Hill by Francis Spufford

Find in catalogA historical novel set in 1740s New York about a mysterious, adventurous, and naive young Englishman who shows up with a bill for a thousand pounds, causing consternation about how (and whether) to pay it to him, and what he would use such a sum for. The description of the time and place are fascinating, and though the writing is sometimes needlessly challenging in the early chapters, the story was fascinating enough to keep me hooked. The protagonist finds himself amid political factions and unattainable love interests that complicate his pursuit of his overall goal, a goal that he keeps carefully to himself.


The History of Love: a novel by Nicole Krauss

She said “I’m reading a book, about a book, called the History of Love.”  He asks “What’s it called?”  “The History of Love” she repeats.  “No, what’s the name of the book you’re reading?” he asks.  “The History of Love” 

Confused?  That’s part of what will happen if you read this book.  But you also might marvel at all the types of love found within daughterly love, unrequited love, young love, jealous love, confused love, love motivated by fear or lust. You might come to feel we’re all made of every different type of love.

Intriguing authors and books fill the pages of this story. I find myself using Google to sort out which walk with us in life and which live only between the pages.

Highly recommended.

Reviewed by Jennifer