The Sign of Four, by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Find in catalogHow the Sign of Four started and its consequences were very interesting to see unfold. I have to admit even though the storyline was interesting, the book bogged down a bit in places. I was happy to read more about my favorite detective of all time. If you are a big Sherlock Holmes fan, I would recommend this book.

Sherlock Holmes: A Study in Scarlet, by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Find in catalogIt is the book the started all the Sherlock Holmes stories. It is referenced multiple times in his short stories. I have to admit that it is not my favorite Sherlock Holmes book. The storyline is interesting; it just gets slow in a few places. If you have not read this book but have read some Sherlock Holmes short stories, this will help explain what they are referencing in the short stories.

Sherlock Holmes: The Hound of the Baskervilles, by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Find i catalogSir Arthur Conan Doyle is the creator of the Sherlock Holmes stories. He wrote a few novels and tons of short stories. The Hound of the Baskervilles is my favorite Sherlock Holmes novel and one of my favorite Sherlock Holmes stories of all time. It was colorful, well written and all around enjoyable. I would recommend this book to people just starting out with Sherlock Holmes or if you have already enjoyed many Sherlock Holmes stories.

The Colorado Kid, by Stephen King

The TV series Haven is very loosely based on this Stephen King novel. It was difficult to get a copy of the book for a decent price. It is a well written mystery novel about Stephanie McCann a journalist student and two well-seasoned ace reporters. It is set in a small town of Maine with a big mystery lurking in the archives. I thoroughly enjoyed the book. If you like Stephen King, life-like mysteries or the TV show Haven, you should read this book.

The Martian Chronicles, by Ray Bradbury

Find in catalogIt starts out by explaining the human conquest of Mars thru the eyes of the Martians; which I rather enjoyed. The book does jump a bit in storyline and tells most of the story from several human perspectives. The reason why is that each of the stories in the book were originally published separately in a Magazine then combined to form this book. I have to admit that I enjoyed the beginning of the book more because of the fantastic descriptions of how the Martians lived. I found that most of the book being written from the human perspective less riveting.

The Justice Riders, by Chuck Norris

Find in catalogIt was given to me by someone who had yet to read it. I liked that the “justice riders” aka butt-kickers extraordinaire where not the “standard” group of all white commandos but a group composed of multiple ethnicities. Something that bothered me was the graphic description of character’s deaths. He did not need to describe what the person looked like after being blown up. Stating that they were blown up is enough for me. This leads me to the conclusion that he wanted the novel to be graphic; in which case a warning would have been nice. I ended up skipping several parts of the book due to the graphic nature. I feel that if the book is fiction, the details of how everyone looked and suffered in death is not warranted unless someone is trying to write a horror story. I only know Chuck Norris from the Show Walker Texas Ranger. I thought the book would be like the show, but I was wrong.

The Odyssey, by Homer

Find in catalogOut of all of the Greek Mythology stories I read in high school, this was my favorite. As an adult, I decided to go back and read some of my favorites again. The Odyssey is still my favorite story. Homer intertwines his character’s stories in a cohesive manner each telling a piece of the tale. One thing as a women I noticed this time was how Odysseus slept with several women yet when he returns home, he was very adamant that his wife better have been faithful. Even though I did find the story enjoyable, it bothered me that the male protagonists were allowed to sleep around, but the female protagonists were not. I know that this story was written a long time ago, but the attitude that a women is supposed to wait for years and keep celibate yet it is okay for her husband to sleep around with any beautiful women or nymph that comes along bothers me. That being said, the intertwining of the scenery and each characters story and internal conflicts is beautifully engineered. If you are interested in reading some Greek mythology and how Greek gods actively interfered with the lives of mortals, I would recommend reading this book. One thing to note is that there are many different translations of this story. I have read a few of them and my favorite translation was completed by Samuel Butler. I would recommend reading a few paragraphs from each translation and seeing which one you prefer.