Cress, by Marissa Meyer

Find in catalogCress is book three of the Lunar Chronicles. We’ve met the incarnations of Cinderella and Little Red Ridinghood. Rapunzel is next! Marissa’s take on fairy tales is captivating and interesting. She has done a great job of creating unique characters while still sticking to the original concepts from our childhood. Cress is one of my favorite books in this series. I read it in about 3 days. The action really picks up in this book and we start to wonder if our favorite heroine can win the war she inadvertently started with Luna.


Scarlet, by Marissa Meyer

Find in catalogScarlet is book two of the Lunar Chronicles. In this second book, we get to meet Scarlet who embodies Little Red Ridinghood as she goes out in search of her kidnapped grandmother. Cinder and Iko’s shenanigans continue as their paths cross with Scarlet’s as they search for the long lost Princess Selene of Luna! Another great story from Marissa Meyer.

Cinder, by Marissa Meyer

Find in textCinder is an interesting take on an old story. Cinder is set in the future, in a world that has known peace for 126 years. That peace is threatened when the Queen of Luna (the moon) begins a political game of cat and mouse with the Eastern Commonwealth (asia).
The book is a very quick read. It is kind of predictable because we are all familiar with the story of Cinderella, but Marissa does an amazing job of weaving four other fairy tales into her series, it makes for a really interesting read. This book is part fairy tail, part sci-fi, and part steam punk. I definitely recommend it!

The Dovekeepers: a novel by Alice Hoffman

This historical novel traces the events at Masada, Israel leading to the end of the holdout of about 900 Jews against the Roman occupation in or about the year 70CE. The author weaves her tale through four strong women who are the dovekeepers at Masada. Who they are and how they came to be this place, Masada.  I loved the historical background, the magic and the mythology woven by the author through her eyes I felt the hearts of these wonderful characters.

Reviewed by Marci