In Farleigh Field, by Rhys Bowen

Find in catalogI enjoyed this story very much. I don’t usually have trouble putting a book down, but did with this one. A British aristocratic family with 5 daughters is at the center of the mystery. It opens with a failed parachutist dying on their estate. Family chums, now grown work for separate departments of British intelligence during WWII. As the story unfolds, no one knows who can be trusted or why the possible spy parachutist was sent to that part of England.


A Hatred for Tulips by Richard Lourie

This is a small book and a very fast read.  It is a historical fiction account of a Dutch boy growing up in Holland during World War II.  He is recounting the story to his brother who he had not seen in 60 years.  Is it possible that because of poverty, hunger, and disease an innocent child could commit an act so devious that it would be remembered for years after in infamy?  I enjoyed this account and may choose other historical fiction books because of it.

Reviewed by Jill