November 9, by Colleen Hoover

Find in catalogTwo words – absolutely brilliant!
I’m amazed at CoHo’s ability to deliver a unique story with each and every one of her books. After I was done with November 9 I spent a good hour or two discussing it with Kara. There’s so much I want to say about it but really you can only do that with people who have read the book so not to ruin the story for others.
One thing that surprised me was when a certain couple made a cameo. It put a smile on my face. I’m so use to CoHo not following book trends that it was pleasant surprise to see the crossover.
CoHo’s men have a way of getting me worked up and not in a good way. It started with her first book Slammed and has continued on in her other books. While they make me want to smash my kindle against a wall, they also make me appreciate the realness of the situation. CoHo’s love stories are guaranteed to have the ability to provoke strong emotions in the reader.
My favorite aspect of the story is how the book flowed so well together even though the story took place over a large time span. The story didn’t have any mundane lulls filled with everyday stuff. It held me captive from the opening scene until the very end.

The Score, by Ella Kennedy

Find in catalogHOT DAMN! LOVED IT!
THE DATING GAME questions with Dean and Allie: 1. I’VE HEARD YOU ARE PERFECT, DEAN. IS THERE ANY TRUTH TO THESE RUMORS? ”Yeah. I am perfect. I need to remind myself of that more often.”
2. ALLIE, PRIOR TO GETTING TO KNOW DEAN WHAT WAS YOUR IMPRESSION OF HIM? ”If I’m being honest, I’ve never known what to make of the guy. He’s cocky, flirtatious… Superficial.”
3. COULD YOU SEE YOURSELF GETTING TOGETHER WITH HIM? ”He’s annoying and ridiculous and totally not my type.”
4. DEAN, YOU GIVE ALLIE SOME ADVICE ON HOW TO HANDLE HER BREAK-UP WITH HER EX. WHAT WAS THIS GREAT WISDOM YOU SHARED WITH HER? ”The best way to get over someone is to hook up with someone else. ASAP. Seriously, just find yourself a rebound. I volunteer as tribute.”
5. One last thing, Dean, how do you feel about shirts? ”I don’t like shirts.”
Now that you’ve gotten to know Dean and Allie a little better have fun reading about them in THE SCORE. I love this series and, at the moment, this book is my favorite of the series. I was sucked in by everything that makes a college romance good – the drama, the love-hate relationship, manwhores, relationship girls and jealousy. I loved when Allie would get stuck in her head she’d quickly realize she was over analyzing the situation and pull herself out of her “mental talk”. A lot of times the female characters can be annoying with the inner dialogue and Allie did a great job of catching herself in those moments and turning the inner babble off. The Score was just the right combo of all things that make NA genre entertaining.
The Score is my third book by Ms. Kennedy and after that ending I’m anticipating the next book in the series.
SERIES: The Deal (Off-Campus, #1) by Elle Kennedy | The Mistake (Off-Campus, #2) by Elle Kennedy | The Score (Off-Campus, #3) by Elle Kennedy Can be read as standalones. Secondary characters from the first book become the main focus in subsequent books.

Appeald, by Emma Chase

’For all the girls next door – and the boys who love them.’ I was all in when I read that dedication. The idea of the boy next door falling in love with the neighbor girl is iconic and one that has women saying, “Aw!”
”A simple story about a handsome prince, a good-hearted princess, and their sweet love.” Aw, doesn’t that sound lovely and all it needs is the magical – “They lived happily ever after.” As with any story nothing comes easy and especially second chances. Brent is the guy during his high school days that all the other males wanted to be and all the females fawned over. Now, that he’s in his early thirties and has become less of the ‘young and dumb’ stage and more of mature adult, he’s become a guy to be admired.
Kennedy, the girl next door, was more of the nerdy social circle during her high school years. Fourteen years has passed since she’s seen Brent and she’s back in town for work. Her first line of business is a criminal case against Brent’s young client.
The case these two are trying against each other hits close to home for me. It’s about a young teenage boy who feels unseen and does something drastic to get the attention of those around him. His actions were of the criminal nature but his intent wasn’t. It was like Ms. Chase knew my son’s friend who did something similar to the teenager in the story. This is the second book by Ms. Chase where a young male character has found himself brushing up against the law. The previous book had an even younger male who found himself pushing the boundaries with the law. As stated by many others besides myself… Ms. Chase knows the male mind quite well.
The second book, Sustained, remains as my favorite Emma Chase book written to date and this book comes in second place for favorites by Ms. Chase. I love the older characters, the witty banter, the intriguing story line, and most of all the male point of view. Thank you, Ms. Chase, for your continued pursuant in writing humorous renditions from male mind.
SERIES: Overruled (The Legal Briefs, #1) by Emma Chase | Sustained (The Legal Briefs, #2) by Emma Chase | Appealed (The Legal Briefs, #3) by Emma Chase Each book can be read as a standalone.

Fighting Solitude, by Aly Martinez

I loved this book and everything about it. Out of the 3 books in the series, this one is my favorite. I knew from the moment we met Quarry as a little guy in the first book that I wanted to know how his story turned out.
On The Ropes is an excellent series about 3 brothers and how they overcome hardships in their lives. Till is the oldest of the three and because of their neglectful parents, he takes it upon himself to raise his brothers. The sacrifice and discipline he endures to make sure his younger brothers are well taken care of is honorable.
FIGHTING SOLITUDE is Quarry’s story of finding love and success within in the confines of life’s obstacles. Quarry ”The Stone Fist” Page is my favorite of the three brothers. His story touched me so deeply that I’m still thinking about it days later. While I may not know what it’s like to be deaf or to have a close relationship with someone who is, I do know what it’s like to watch someone who you love overcome a disability. The willingness to be “normal” and fit in is human nature.
The complexities of the story from being raised by his older brother -to- losing someone you love -to- knowing you’re going deaf -to- becoming a professional fighter was the right mix of awesomeness. It had everything I had hoped for plus more. I’m not a crier but when I read the notes left behind I couldn’t help but break down and cry.
This is definitely a favorite book of 2016 for me. I’m excited to see what Ms. Martinez brings us next because if it’s anywhere close to being as good as this one… she’ll have another winner.
SERIES: Fighting Silence (On the Ropes, #1) Fighting Shadows (On the Ropes, #2) Fighting Solitude (On the Ropes, #3) Each book focuses on one of the three brothers. Book 1 – Till | Book 2 – Flint | Book 3 – Quarry

Hold On, by Kristen Ashley

HOLD ON is the second book in The ‘Burg series that I’ve listened to. After listening to AT PEACE I knew I wanted more of from this series. Kristen Ashley writes her books so you can read them as a standalone or as a series. Even though I’ve read book #2 and #6 in this series I didn’t feel lost at all. In HOLD ON Kristen Ashley brings me up to speed with what I missed by not reading the other books. She does it in such a way that it has me contemplating going back and reading some of the books I missed. The back story of our heroine, Cher, is very intriguing.
HOLD ON is about a cop and a single mom. Cher is also a former stripper who now works in a bar. That plot line right there got me intrigued. But that’s not all… she has a history with a serial killer. I really need to figure out what book that is and read it.
Garrett and Cher’s non conventional relationship put a spark in this book. The tough girl, tough guy combo worked well for these two.
There’s no denying when you buy a Kristen Ashley audio book you get your money’s worth. This audio was no exception – it was long (21 hours) and took me just shy of a month to listen to it. Luckily for me I always enjoy a good audio.
If you like older characters (30+) then check out Kristen Ashley’s books because that is a specialty of hers.

Prayer, by Susan Fanetti

Wow! Again, I’m in awe of Ms. Fanetti’s ability to capture my attention and make me feel so deeply for her characters. I’m not a crier and yet every single Fanetti book has made me cry with this one being no exception. The realness of her stories leaves a powerful punch. I feel like I really know the characters and because of that I’m invested in their outcome.
”On paper, it looked good: good job, cool house, great family.” John Pagano is the “good son.” He does what is expected of him and he keeps his nose clean. Since this is the 5th book in the series, John has aged through the series and is now in his late thirties. Over the years he’s watched his siblings have families of their own and now he’s realizing he wants one too. He knows on paper he’s the total package with a good job in the family business, a house on the beach and his close-knit family but he’s missing that special someone to share it with.
”Shi**y luck with men.” Katrynn is a catch in herself but unfortunately, she keeps landing the bottom of the barrel type of guys. As a friend and an employee of the Pagano’s, she’s been friends with John for the last 5 years. Their timing has always been off …when one them was in a relationship the other one wasn’t.
”You’re not trying to polish up a turd. You’re trying to find the flaw in the diamond.” Katrynn is like many women who fret over a good thing. They begin to worry that ‘this guy’ is too good to be true. John being about 5 years older than Katrynn, was beyond playing games and was ready to be downright honest about his feelings towards their situation.
The majority of Ms. Fanetti books have older characters which I, for one, thoroughly enjoy. It shows that beyond your teen and college days – when we all favor youth – “older” people can have just as exciting and fulfilling lives. Their stories are book worthy. The maturity that comes with age is something I enjoy reading because life still dumps on those who we’d consider having their act together.
Picking up a Fanetti book is like living in a world where I don’t want to leave. I love the worlds she creates so much that I’m still suffering from a book hangover. The only cure I’ve been able to find for a #FanettiBookHangOver is to wait it out. It’s been a week and a half since I closed the cover of Prayer and I’ve yet to find any book that can hold my attention. *Le sigh*
Don’t miss out this awesome series. If you love books that center around strong family bonds than you’ve hit the jackpot with the Pagano Family series. Plus, for all the fans of FRIENDS-TO-LOVERS romance will be happy with this one.
Prayer is the 5th book in the Pagano Family series.

The Air He Breathes, by Brittainy C. Cherry

“In the blink of an eye, in one moment’s time, everything I knew about life changed.”
I loved this opening quote because it holds true for all of us. It’s relatable and makes us feel the story even deeper. Life is unpredictable and our paths can be altered in just the blink of an eye. Adventuring with the characters on their journey from hurt-to-healing-to-finding love is one that kept me up reading late into the night.
I enjoyed The Air He Breathes even though I had a moment where this book dipped below 5 stars for me. I found the ending with Tanner to be over the top drama that didn’t match up with the flow of the story. After pondering my star rating I decided that for 95% of the book it was definitely worthy of five stars and that OTT moment is something I can look past. Alright enough about that part because the rest of the book was fantastic.
For those who haven’t read it yet…what are you waiting for?!

Hawke, by Sawyer Bennett

Hawke is the 5th book in the Cold Fury series and is a second chance romance.
Vale and Hawke started dating in high school and continued into young adulthood. As with a lot of high school relationships, it doesn’t last very long after graduation.
After the breakup Hawke continues on with his hockey career and Vale finds herself following in her father’s footsteps. One thing leads to another and years later these two paths are put back together where they have to find a way to move past their history.
If you like sports romances and second chance romances this combo might be the right one for you.

Thin Love, by Eden Butler

“I don’t want easy. I want the impossible. I want love so thick, I drown in it; it’s the only thing worth having, and you’re a nice guy when you’re not acting like an entitled jackass, but I really don’t think you’re capable of being anything more than that.”
THIN LOVE is the angsty love story of Kiera & Kona. Their story is one of second chances that starts in the present and goes back to the past to fill in the past. As college students these two are a mess. To say they’re toxic when together is an understatement. Even though they loved each other the obstacles that stood in their way, at times, were greater than their love could withstand.
Readers who are fans of second chance romances along with an angst filled story will love the story of Kiera & Kona because it delivers both of those things. It grabs you from the start and holds you until the last page.
SERIES: Thin Love (Thin Love, #1) | Thick Love (Thin Love, #2) Each book can be read as a standalone. Book 1 is the story of the parents of the character in book 2.