Possum Summer, by Jen Blom

This was a strong lessons learned summer for P. She rescues a baby possum that she must care for, despite all that is against her. Her tough as nails character is likable and you root for her.

I know What You Did Last Summer, by Lois Duncan

Find in catalogThis was a quiet suspense novel that I thoroughly enjoyed. Peer pressure can be very strong, but some decisions reach further than you can ever imagine. Four friends accidentally run over a young boy on his bike, and their lives are never the same. This book was written in 1973 and the author had no involvement with the movie that came out in 1997

One Crazy Summer, by Rita Williams-Garcia

Find in catalogAward winner four times over! This was a great read, and I passed it on to a friend.

As a new mother, it is hard to imagine leaving my child behind – let alone three young daughters. I can understand the pressure she might have been under, especially if her mental state wasn’t altogether normal. To be a creative person is hard enough, to be a mother of three, and an African American in the heat of the Civil Liberty movement era, must have been extreme. I found it interesting how the oldest daughter reacted to the Black Panthers she spent the summer with. The TV shows them one way, she encounters a totally different side of the same group, and reality is a little of both.

Celebrated Summer, by Charles Forsman

Find in catalogThis is a Graphic Novel of two young men on an acid trip. They go from a hike on to a road trip, while their perceptions get weirder and weirder. The artist conveyed that well. At the end, I could relate to the character that just wanted to go home, to his lonely, predictable room.

Coronation Summer, by Angela Thirkell

Find in catalogThis was not in my usual reading genre, but it was an interesting read. Two young girls in the time of a royal coronation, the excitement of the big city and all the things to see was a new to see historical London. I thought the writing and dialects was a little hard to understand and times, it may have been historically and locally accurate – just hard to read.

Foxglove Summer, by Ben Aaronovich

Find in catalogI highly enjoyed this novel. I liked the way the fantasy/magical aspect was part of the normal everyday life we know… but most people chose to ignore it and just move on. The main character was well written, and I quite liked him. The supporting officer was also a riot. The story line was interesting, with two young girls gone missing and how it’s not as simple as just getting them back. About halfway through the story a minor plot line comes in that left me thinking, “What did I miss? Was there a page missing?” After researching a bit, this is book 5 in a series. My library’s sticker covered up the “series” reference. That being said, it stood alone very well.

Black Orchid, by Neil Gaiman

Fid in textBlack Orchid combines naturalism, corruption and intrigue into a colorful fantasy world that left me breathless at times. Gaiman’s story is well written. If you are a fan of Neil Gaiman, fantasy, or nature, you will love this graphic novel.

Gap Creek, by Robert Morgan

Find in catalogGap Creek follows Julie, a strong independent woman in times when traditional gender roles were most common. The book follows Julie as she grows up, gets married and faces numerous challenges. I recommend this book if you are looking for inspiration in tough times.

González & Daughter Trucking Co., by María Amparo Escandón

Find in catalogThis book grabbed my attention quickly and kept me engaged for the entire read. It took me to two unique settings, life as a trucker and in prison. I now find myself wondering about the lives of those driving the semi truck just ahead when I’m on the road. This book is creative and thoughtful. I highly recommend.

One Summer, by David Baldacci

Find in catalogWithin the first 5 pages, I was hooked. By page 25, the story was well underway and I couldn’t wait to keep reading. This was a heartwarming story of grief, loss and finding your way back. The bonds that keep families together are often tangled, but are made of very strong fibers. This was an excellent read.