Andrew’s Brain by E.L. Doctrow

Find in catalogThis book is not your typical novel. It is told in a stream-of-consciousness type of conversation between Andrew, a cognitive scientist, and someone he refers to as Doc. Doc rarely speaks, only asks an occasional, brief question. The setting of and purpose for the narrative are not made clear. The story is not chronological and has no obvious purpose, which led me to assume that it was a series of therapy sessions between a patient and his psychiatrist, but this is not specified either. Andrew’s emphasis is more on his relationships and the emotions they aroused than on events in his life. His story is interesting, though, and the reader remains engaged, not bored or impatient. The latter part of the story takes an unusual direction and culminates unexpectedly in a way that could not have been anticipated. The author includes subtle and sardonic humor as well as some concise spot-on insights. I enjoyed it.


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