Born a Crime: Stories from a South African Childhood by Trevor Noah

Find in catalogJust wow. What a beautiful story told in such a captivating enlightening manner. I loved the sense of truth and honesty; how knowing the truth was more important than pretense. I feel that this is a book that if everyone read there would be a more truthful understanding of our cultures and races. What separates us while at the same time making us all the same. And as Trevor Noah explains our American education is similar to South Africans, in that our history teaches us to see how racial history as something that happen and that we are better now and don’t need to feel sorry about it or work to improve it, but that approach doesn’t work to fix all the problems that racial and cultural injustices have created. This book has gotten me to see race more clearly, and I have started to understand it more in this time and place in history.


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