Before I Ever Met You by Karina Halle

Before I Ever Met You is a beautiful Hollywood-esque romance. In my mind, I was picturing a Lauren Bacall – Humphrey Bogart Hollywood romance. A May to December, love story to remember, had Bacall & Bogart lived in our day and age. “That’s not reality. Love just makes everything else in life easier to bare. It’s like having an army on your side. But it doesn’t make love easier. Most people have to fight for it, they fight to keep it. Love is a war and half the time you’re battling your own f***ing self.” ”…this is us” – Will and Jackie! A love story where their attraction skirts the boundaries of being a forbidden romance.

Will is 16 years older than Jackie, along with being her boss, her dad’s business partner, and she’s known him since she was a teenager. Even though it had those elements among other things working against them the overall feel of this story was low on angst and focused more on how to make their relationship work for all parties involved. I really loved these two together. I loved Will more than Jackie and that might be because he was so swoon-worthy. The readers were treated to dual POVs and that really helped the reader to get inside the hero/heroine heads and figure out what they were thinking and feeling. Before I Ever Met You is a standalone romance set in Canada. If you enjoy low angst with a swoon-worthy older male then this book is for you.


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