The Hot Shot by Kristen Callihan

The opening of this book was beyond funny. It’s bathroom humor, literally!

The football team has arrived at the photographer studio where they think they’re getting photographed by a guy. When they knock on the door and no one arrives right away to answer the door, the guys assume the photographer is in the bathroom because of the delayed response. They’re beyond surprised when the door is opened by a female. Starting a book off with an awkward moment that leads to the reader laughing out loud is my type of book. The scenario created by these fun-loving football players has them in an awkward position because they assumed wrong about the photographer. From the girls perspective, about this scenario, that is your worst nightmare to have a group of guys thinking you’re in the bathroom doing number 2. From the guys perspective, they just screwed up big time because they just told a stranger through a closed door to ”nip it off” thinking it was a guy and it turned out to be a gal. Definitely, not the best way to impress a female you’ll be working closely with over the next day or so.

Chess is a ferociously independent woman who is accomplished in her own right as a photographer and business owner. Her bluntness mixed with her sarcasm keeps Finn on his toes. Finn comes off as the stereotypical quarterback but as you peel back his layers you’ll see he’s a good guy with a soft heart. He’s swoon-worthiness who will make your heart melt. Chess and Finn are polar opposites in the attraction department. Chess goes more for the tatted guys and Finn goes more for the model types. But there’s was something beneath their first impressions that drew them to each other. At the core of their relationship is a friendship. A friendship that is coated with friendly flirtiness. They both are dancing around in their attraction to each other because it feels safer to pretend they’re only friends than to explore their feelings. I love that just like Gray’s mom did in the book “The Friend Zone”, Finn’s mom offers her wisdom to her son: ”Just remember, Finnegan. Love with your heart, not your head. Think about things too much and it all turns to s***.”


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