The Girl Who Was Taken by Charlie Donlea

Find in catalogThe Girl Who Was Taken is a story told in a roundabout way. We go back and forth in time as the story unravels.

“We all know the harrowing story of Megan McDonald. The all-American girl, daughter of Emerson Bay’s sheriff, who was abducted in the summer of 2016. One year later, Megan is out now with her book, Missing, the true-story account of her abduction and courageous escape.” But what about the other girl, Nicole, who also went missing that night? Megan and Nicole both disappeared after their end of summer party. Only Megan escapes and has written a book about her time while in captivity. Livia who happens to be Nicole’s much older sister is a pathologist and through a discovery, she makes on an autopsy, she starts working out what happened the night the girls went missing. Throughout the book, there were little clues to who might have abducted the girls and while some stuff seemed a little random and out of place at times. There was one thing – an action of sorts – that stood out to us and lead to figuring out who the abductor was.It’s nothing major but from the very beginning that noise, per se, stood out. I won’t mention what it is that lead us to solving the mystery otherwise, when you read the story you’ll know early on who had done it. “The future was something taken for granted. It was always there, waiting to be lived.” The Girl Who Was Taken is a standalone set in North Carolina. The author plans to have more thrillers featuring Livia who will use forensic science to solve more mysteries.


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