The Breakdown by B. A. Paris


Find in catalog“I veer off to the left, taking the shortcut that Matthew didn’t want me to take.” It was a dark and stormy night when Cass was leaving a party and phoned her husband to say she’s on her way home. Her husband, Matthew, tells her to NOT take the shortcut home through the woods. He won’t be up when she gets home because he has a migraine and he’s going to sleep in the guest room. Right away, I can relate to Cass because I’d probably take the shortcut and figure my husband would never know. I mean what can go wrong … it’s only late at night on a deserted road. Seems perfectly safe, right? Just like Cass, it would be my luck to come upon a car pulled off the side of the road with their lights on. Cass can see there’s a woman in the car but because of the downpour, she can’t make out any details. Now she has a dilemma on what is she supposed to do: A) Does she get out of her car to see if they’re okay? B) Drive on because hey she shouldn’t have been in the woods at night by herself in the first place. The boogeyman lives there. C) Drive to where she has cell signal and phone the police? Cass picks option B and the next morning she learns that the woman in the car has been murdered. Now her guilt sets in because she questions why she hadn’t stopped to help or at least called the police?!! Had she done that then maybe that woman would have been alive now! Or maybe Cass would have been murdered too! Gah! Her indecisions on what she had done continued to plague her throughout the story.

“Fear and guilt have become such constant companions that I can’t remember what it was like to live without them.” Cass begins to spiral downwards with guilt. I began to feel like the story was gaslighting me because Cass couldn’t remember anything. It makes the reader question their own sanity as they read about Cass doubt her own mental health. Cass lived in a state of constant paranoia to the point that she couldn’t even hear the phone ringing without being sure someone was calling her torment her. The last 25% is golden – it’s where the rubber meets the road and we start to see pieces of the puzzle fit together. I called the book early on and to see it come fruition was fun. Especially, when Cass started to put it all together and gain her life back. The Breakdown is a standalone thriller. This thriller will leave you questioning who you can trust and wondering if you’re having your own mental breakdown. **Complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.** Book release: July 18, 2017


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