The Wingman by Natasha Anders

“You’re the wingman. I’m the ugly girl.”

Mason is asked by his brother, Spencer, to be his wingman. Spencer has a plan to talk to one girl in particular. He figures if her not-so-attractive sister is being entertained by Mason then he’ll have a chance to make his move on her sister. Daisy is used to being the overlooked sister and when Mason suddenly shows interest in her she’s a little suspicious. As the youngest McGregor sister, she’s grown up knowing the town refers to the sisters as:
The pretty one
The cute one
And the other one

When she uncovers the sham the Carlisle brothers are trying to pull she turns the tables on Mason. Daisy creates Operation Wingman 2.0 where she coerces Mason to be her wingman to her eldest sister’s wedding. No more having her family and town people thinking that she can’t find a guy to take her out.
Both Mason and Daisy have impressive resumes. She’s a respectable veterinarian who has set up a free clinic on certain days to help out people who can’t afford vet care for their pet. And then we have Mason who was a war hero and then an underwear model and then a bodyguard for the stars.

Even with her impressive career, Daisy’s lack of confidence is off-putting. It takes most of the book for her to realize that she’s worthy of the affection of a guy.

This was my first book by Ms. Anders and I really enjoyed the style of writing. It had an easy flow to it. The story was more on the sweet side. A beauty and the beast type where the girl is the ‘beast’. She’s afraid to believe anyone can love her because she’s not pretty and the ‘beauty’ in this story can see beyond others cannot.

I plan to check out Ms. Anders other books because her other books are on my friends favorite list. Sounds like those stories are edged with angst and redeeming jerks. I’m a fan of angst in my romance books so her books sound like winners to me.

The Wingman is a standalone. After reading the epilogue I could see the potential for Daisy’s sisters to have their own books.


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