Heart’s Ease (Northwomen Sagas, #2) by Susan Fanetti

“Loss and gain. Dark and light. Pain and joy. Such was life. It was the way of things. The world kept its balance.”
Wow, Heart’s Ease really was an emotional read. The depths these characters endured made me glad I didn’t live back then. The opening scene where the village is raided and the women are being treated as casualties of war was a brutal representation to what it must have been like during that time period.
Heart’s Ease has so much loss and hardships balanced by the love and trust among Olga and Leif. The beauty of their relationship eased the harshness of their situation. Both lost loved ones and yet they were able to find an inner strength to continue on.

I really enjoyed this book even though I know nothing about Vikings. Some of their practices were beyond comprehension for me and I’m glad they aren’t still performed today.

Heart’s Ease is set during the Viking Age. It’s the second book in Northwomen Sagas and the main characters in book 1 play a big role in Heart’s Ease. To grasp the overall arc of this series it’s recommended you read them in sequential order.


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