Wayfaring Strangers: the Musical Voyage from Scotland and Ulster to Appalachia by Fiona Ritchie and Doug Orr

Find in catalogThis book is wonderful. It really is a reference work, and it is chock-full of information: bits of stories, bits of songs, bits of history, bits of interview. I loved having it to pick up and visit for a short time or a longer time. It was just too rich to sit down and read through. There’s even a CD included to illustrate some of the music. Really it’s all about folk music in the mountains of Appalachia in a certain time, and how the music and traditions came across the sea with the Scots-Irish people. There are marvelous details – for instance, I didn’t know how a “teaching song” worked before… and now I do. Just to follow the history of the immigrants is a real treat. I highly recommend this.


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