This is How it Always is by Laurie Frankel

Find in catalogThis is an account of a family in which the youngest son feels that he is really a girl.(The author also has a child who was born a boy, but is now living as a girl.) The point of view is largely that of the mother, though the process of the all seven family members (four more brothers) are part of the story. There were a few problems — some small details and some language choices felt not true to life, and the author seems to be taken by her own cleverness of phrase at times… just a little on the cute side. These things are only slightly annoying, and only at times because the overall arc of the story and emotional path of the characters is good. I do recommend it. It brings up a lot of the questions that arise in dealing with this increasingly more prevalent issue in our culture. I have to say, though — not everyone can arrange to move across the country and then rearrange their lives to volunteer in SE Asia to help deal with family issues.


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