Everland by Wendy Spinale

Find in catalogTwo of five stars. Spoilers ahead-

I enjoyed the book. Mostly. I had a good time reading it, so you’re probably wondering why I’ve only given Everland two stars. It’s like this: I didn’t feel great when it finished. And not because I was left anticipating the second volume. Why didn’t I feel good when it finished? The fact that the main character is basically a total heartless jerk and (spoiler) cuts off a certain other character’s hand. I get that the author did this to try and tie-in even more with the whole Peter Pan thing, but seriously. This was a bad way to do it. The main character was already only marginally-likable. There was this long moment where I was like, certainly she’s going to have a change of heart and despite doing this awful thing, at least she’s going to try to redeem herself by helping him. Yes, that’s right! They will take him with them. Of course! This is how the previously-dangerous antagonist will reform his ways. La, la, la………Woah, wait, what? They’re leaving? They’re leaving him? You can’t be serious. Especially since this previously evil character became harmless as soon as he was defeated. They just straight-up murdered him. And then went on to the kissy-kissy happy ending for the main characters. I know. That is how this book ended on a very bad note. I wanted to like this book. I did. I even enjoyed reading (skimming?) it, for the most part. Until the end. I guess the over-use of similes should have turned me away from the start, but hey, I’ll put up with a lot for the prospect of a romance within an interesting plot. Too bad the supposed good guys were ultimately unrelatable and heartless.


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