Vicious: Sinners of Saint, #1 by L.J. Shen

I’m on a roll because this is my second book this year with me reading a new-to-me author. Every year I make sure to read new authors to expand my reading repertoire. I really enjoyed this book so I’ll be continuing in this series.

VICIOUS is a story of enemies to lover with a second chance romance mixed in. The story goes back in time to present time to bring readers up to speed on why Vicious and Emilia hate each other. It’s no wonder they start hating each in high school because Vicious is a huge jerk. It all starts when Emilia happens upon the tail end of a confrontation between Vicious and another individual. Vicious assumes she knows what was being argued over. “Wrong f****** place and wrong f******* time. Next time I find you anywhere inside my house, bring a body bag because you won’t be leaving alive.” Emilia is clueless to what the fight was over and why Vicious hates her with a passion. “I hated her, but was attracted to her. It was really that simple.” Even though Vicious is a broken and misunderstood guy who’s fueled by jealousy, he does have some redeeming qualities that do eventually shine through. Ten years has passed with both of them not seeing each other until they run into each other in a different city. ”We needed each other. She needed my money, and I needed her cooperation.” The love/hate relationship is still brewing strong after all these years. Now, Emilia isn’t such a doormat to the treatment put upon her by Vicious. She’s found her voice and it’s much stronger than when she was in high school. Vicious and his 3 high school buddies are owners of a corporation. The upcoming books/novellas will be about each one of these guys. I’m looking forward to reading about the other guys. Defy is a novella being released February 3rd about Vicious’s friend, Jaime. It’s a student – teacher romance. I love those type of forbidden romances.


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