Junk Beautiful by Sue Whitney

Find in catalogOK. So you’re not reading this decorating book for its erudite vocabulary. (“Nifty-noodle,” “shootie doots!,” “poopdee-dooped.”) Nor for its cutting edge scientific observations. (“Research tells us we spend a third of our life sleeping.”) But you might want to browse through it for ideas and photos if you like decorating, buy a lot of stuff at yard sales, or better yet, have a lot of junk (their word) you’d like to repurpose in your outdoor spaces. Though some ideas had me shaking my head (Why would you serve sushi on an old roller skate?), others were kind of cool (using a big classroom abacus as a towel rack, posing a mannequin in old swimming togs near your pool). The book showcases 24 different outdoor spaces, from tea garden to sun room to picnic, with lots of examples for accessorizing with unusual items like enamel refrigerator drawers, naval belt buckles, vintage faucets, and even a “wee little urinal.”


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