Hendrix by Chelsea Camaron and M.J. Fields

HENDRIX is a story of a man who grew up with a crappy dad and how he overcomes that gloomy shadow. His dad made bad choices that not only affected Hendrix and his brother’s lives but ruined Hendrix’s mom’s life. Now, as an adult, Hendrix is fueled with resentment for his father and the treatment of his mother. Determined to not become his father, he makes sure to be the opposite of him every way that counts.

Hendrix owns and runs a bar. His life was going along smoothly until he meets a down and out woman – Olivia. Olivia is struggling to make ends meet. She’s a hard worker and lands a job at Hendrix’s bar where her life begins to dramatically change. You know how there are things that stick out to you in books?! Well, I had that experience with this book. Olivia rubs her butt a lot in the book. She wears underwear that having sayings (such as Classy and Fabulous) on them and by rubbing her butt it reminds of her to be strong and confident. She refers to them as her empowerment panties. After the first few times, it got to be annoying and a little weird because she didn’t just do it in the privacy of her own home but whenever she needed a boost of confidence. I didn’t connect with this book like I had hoped.


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