Everything that Remains by Joshua Fields Millburn

Find in catalogA memoir of how a guy changed from being a high-rolling business man who owned 75 Brooks Brothers shirts to a blogger who owns the bare minimum. His best friend/co-minimalist adds not very illuminative end notes. I did get some good new ideas to ponder, chiefly that collecting and organizing are acceptable forms of hoarding, and that most things you keep “just in case” can be replaced for $20 in 20 minutes, so there’s no need to hang on to them. But I also found something about the tone preachy and superior, and didn’t finish the book. He talks about how on his path to becoming a minimalist he read blogs by Josh Becker, Courtney Carver, and Leo Babauta, and I would recommend these blogs, as well as his own blog The Minimalists, or his book “Essential” (review to come!) over his memoir.


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