Drop the Ball by Tiffany Dufu

Find in catalogI didn’t expect this book (shelved in the business center) to be so memoir-y, but I liked it anyway. Tiffany Dufu tells the path she took to successfully and equitably co-parent and co-manage her household with her husband–even when she was living in NYC and he was living in Dubai! Some of her success was specific to her circumstances (having a friend who moved in to help with childcare), some of it to her surroundings (living in a city with dry cleaning delivery), and some was adaptable to many circumstances (let things slide, know how and when to enlist your partner, take advantage of online shopping). There are many great philosophies for busy, overworked women to consider. For example, she learned to identify her top goals: love her husband, raise her children to be global citizens, support women and girls, and support sub-Saharan Africa. She changed her focus to those goals, rather than the housework. “What you do is less important than the difference you make. I didn’t want my epitaph to read ‘She got a lot of stuff done’.” She also suggests focusing your attention on where you bring the most value, rather than just doing what you’re good at, especially if you can outsource those tasks. She gives tips about how to “Delegate with Joy” and enlist your partner in helping you achieve your potential. An enjoyable and practical read!


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