Wildest Dreams by Kristen Ashley

WILDEST DREAMS is GOT meets Parent Trap! Actually, I could also throw in Outlander with the whole parallel universe thing happening. While I’m at it I could even say it had the feel of the Disney movie, Frozen, with all the ice, snow and winter talk. Roll those 4 things together stick them in a blender and pour it into a tall glass and you have WILDEST DREAMS. Three years ago Kara and Christy invited me to read this series with them and at the time I declined. I’m not a fast reader and those two are speed readers so I knew I was no match on buddy reading with them. Also, the sheer size of the books held me back from giving them a chance.

Now a little bit about the story … Finnie pays a high price to travel to a parallel world where her twin from the other realm has agreed to switch places for year times with her. In this parallel world, everyone has a twin and the caveat is their twin is the opposite of them. Which makes for challenges when switched because Finnie must try and act the way her twin would but she knows very little about her new world she is thrust into. BAM!!! Right there, I’m hooked. Finnie’s twin leaves out important information about what will happen when she agrees to switch places. Oh, the blunders and adventures begin when Finnie is switched into her new world having no clue that she’s getting ready to walk down the aisle to marry a man who despises her. Yep, I’m all in on this story. Over the last couple of days, I listened to this story which by the way is 19 hours long. It wasn’t until the last couple of hours that my interest waned a little. “Someone” was missing from the storyline and that deflated my interest. Even though there were those moments at the end where I wasn’t enjoying it like I did the rest of the book it still was enough for me to give this book 5 stars. SERIES: The Fantasyland Series is a series of five novels that take place in our world and a parallel universe where fantasies are true… but perhaps not all you would expect.


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