Marrying Winterborne by Lisa Kleypas


Marrying Winterborne was better than I expected. In the previous book, we meet Mr. Winterborne and learn of his desire for Helen. After I saw how forceful and pretty much a jerk he was I was less than impressed with him. But in true Kleypas fashion what I thought was the truth wasn’t as it appeared. The events that transpired had clouded my vision on what really was happening. In the last book, we get the impression that these two are not a match made in heaven. Mr. Winterborne is a hard man who has no patient for the innocence. On the other hand, Helen is a sheltered lady who has no experience on how to handle such forceful men. In this book, some stuff is brought to light that changes my views of this couple. Maybe he isn’t such an insensitive guy and maybe she’s not such a pushover. The couple’s chemistry behind closed doors skyrockets. Part way through the book Helen learns of a secret that could destroy her relationship with Winterborne. The dilemma on if/when/how to tell him plagues her as she tries to find what is the morally right thing to do. Cold-Hearted Rake is Lisa Kleypas’s newest series. The first two books are out and book 3 releasing next month (February 2017). I’m looking forward to the next book because it’s about Pandora who seems to be like Katherina from Taming the Shrew. She’s high spirited and when asked in this book if she wanted to get married she claimed she didn’t because it would be boring to be stuck at home all the time. She wants to experience things and you can’t fault a girl for having ambitions.


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