We’ll be really careful!, by Jan Eliot

Find in catalogThis fun-filled book of laughs is great for all ages on different levels. Be good to read alone, or as a group. One of things what makes me drawn to comic strips is the way she would take it from every day life experiences. The way she would put it into this book, was pure genius in creatively well done. Especially how this line of work was (and still is) a man’s field. This is about this family and how they are dealing with obstacles that arise. For instance the oldest teenage daughter is having to deal, with her mother has moved on with her life. Is seeing another guy, Who’s not her father. Even though, he has past on, a few years back. She has a tough time dealing in excepting with this issue. That for many having lost a parent will be faced with this at some point in there life. may even resort in running to the grave suite of a loved one and talk to them like they are still there with them. Like life is not fair that they aren’t there but still have that need to be able to move on with what is holding them back in liking this new person is in there parent’s life. However, they know that they are not their to take the place of that missing parent. this shows that this is one of many issues that Jan Eliot has touched base on. There are many areas that are just as good of subjects that she has touch on, but making it as lightly humorously way. I think that is how she can make her work more relatable on many levels.


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