The Justice Riders, by Chuck Norris

Find in catalogIt was given to me by someone who had yet to read it. I liked that the “justice riders” aka butt-kickers extraordinaire where not the “standard” group of all white commandos but a group composed of multiple ethnicities. Something that bothered me was the graphic description of character’s deaths. He did not need to describe what the person looked like after being blown up. Stating that they were blown up is enough for me. This leads me to the conclusion that he wanted the novel to be graphic; in which case a warning would have been nice. I ended up skipping several parts of the book due to the graphic nature. I feel that if the book is fiction, the details of how everyone looked and suffered in death is not warranted unless someone is trying to write a horror story. I only know Chuck Norris from the Show Walker Texas Ranger. I thought the book would be like the show, but I was wrong.


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