Young House Love, by Sherry and John Petersik

Find in catalogOf the 243 ways to paint, craft, and update your home, I must have dogeared 20 of them to try, which for me is a lot. I really like this book, full of projects that the authors actually took on, and how accessible it is. They talk a lot about how they didn’t have money for this or that, so they used their creativity to come up with an alternative. I appreciate that in a world of decorating books that seem super posh (see Styled review!) their voice is fun and playful (if at times a bit silly), with chapters on “Chill/Nosh/Doze/Rinse” instead of the usual “Living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom.” Layout and photos are great. Keys show how much money, sweat, and time a project will take. I like the instructions on how to reupolster a chair, use wallpaper to amp up a dresser, and paint a dresser in gradient shades. The chapter on stylish storage was also full of great options I hadn’t considered. The book has a fresh, energetic, “you got this” vibe that makes home decorating seem super fun and doable (and, if you don’t like something, un-doable).


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