Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, by JK Rowling and Jack Thorne

Find in catalogIf you love Harry Potter, of course you have to read this. That said, this book was quite disappointing. It’s a script for a new play, and I imagine the play works a lot better. There are quite a few descriptions of stage craft where you wonder, wow, how are they going to pull that off, I bet that will look great. But on the page, a lot of the lines are clunky and not in our beloved characters’ voices. (Although JK Rowling provided the story this is based on, she didn’t write the play.) And since when do the characters say “Thank Dumbledore!” and use “Potter” as an expletive? And place so much emphasis on not eating sugar? Really took me out of the tale. A tale which has moments of suspense, interest, and intrigue, but also too many moments of slowness and moralizing. There is a new character who is introduced, and then reintroduced so much later I thought, who’s that again? (And this is a pivotal character!) As for another new character, I loved Scorpius, but you know something is off when the best character in the new Harry Potter is Draco’s kid! I did like seeing the futures of some of our old friends, and the professions they ended up in, but wished for more characterization. Oh well, at least Hermione and Ginny had some kickass moments. I wouldn’t say “Don’t read this” to fans, but just “don’t get your hopes up with this one.”


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