Waking Up: Spirituality without Religion, by Sam Harris

Find in catalogI picked this book expecting a read that was spiritually fulfilling and educational. Instead all I heard was thinly veiled ignorant and unnecessary hatred directed toward religion and its spiritual nature, as well as ridiculously misinterpreted science and a strange and potentially dangerous promotion of mind altering and hallucinatory drug use to achieve what the author considers the only way to “true spiritually enlightenment.” I am a big reader and usually am able to enjoy or find some positive note to take of almost every book I read. I am at a loss for that with this book. I think one of the biggest problems of the day is how some spread hate, needlessly insulting others, and can’t seem to keep from insulting a people with no reason and to all of this under the guise of writing a so-purposed scientifically based book makes me lose just a little more hope in humanity much in the same way as certain politicians and extremists.


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