Women in Clothes, by Sheila Heti, Heidi Julavitz, and Leanne Shapton

Find in catalogThis big fat tome takes on many, many aspects of being a woman in clothes. You can pretty much open it anywhere and find something interesting. I particularly liked the photos of various collections (handmade dresses, striped shirts) and the little scripts of overhead compliments. There are tons of essays coming from all sorts of directions at clothes, fashions, having a body. I really appreciated how non-US centric it was; plenty of stories from the Middle East and Europe. (Quite a few pointedout how different what you wear can have to do with your surroundings, like how you perceive the physical safety of your environment influences what you choose to wear.) There are also lots of surveys which show a depth and breadth of answers to questions about style, taste, memories, and more. Great bathroom (or clothes closet)reading!


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