Throw Out Fifty Things, by Gail Blanke

Find in catalogI’ve read a couple of these “organize your life by clearing the clutter” kinds of books lately. Some I’ve liked better than others. (Luckily I don’t have to decide which to throw out as I’ve just returned them all to the library…) This one wasn’t bad. I liked her ideas about what questions to ask yourself in choosing what to keep. I liked reading all the stories about her and her clients (though they can’t ALL have fit so well into making her points). What I liked the most were her ideas about throwing out outmoded thoughts and beliefs. For instance, there is a chapter entitled “Letting Go of Being Right about How Wrong Everybody and Everything Is” and one called “Letting Go of the Need to Have Everyone Like You.” Pretty much worth reading, at least, just for these. I’m not so sure about the FIFTY THINGS part, though


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