Calling Dr. Laura : a graphic memoir, by Nicole J. Georges

Find in catalogNicole is a young geeky lesbian living in Portland when her girlfriend takes her to a physic for her birthday. Among the outrageous things the physic tells her are that she will marry a rich man, and that her dad isn’t really dead. The idea that maybe the latter is true sticks with Nicole, and she eventually finds out what’s what. This is the focus of the jacket copy and a large portion of the graphic novel/memoir, and yet it’s never as fully fleshed out as it could be. I’ve read this book twice and I still don’t totally understand if Nicole thought someone else was her dad, or just that her mom lied about her bio dad being dead. At times, just when she could go deeper, she pulls away. (i.e. a three question Q and A interlude about “this whole Dad thing” ends with “this concludes the dad edition of Q and A. Now back to our story,” Like, I thought this was the story?) A lot of the book tells interesting but somewhat disjointed stories about her childhood and her relationships with family and lovers. I love a couple lines–about her keeping secrets at a family Christmas (“I bode my time on the couch. Not being gay. Having a dead father.”) and her therapist’s take on her mother (“You’re mother is a turnip. She’s never going to be a sweet potato, no matter what you do or how good you are.” “Even if I–” “Yes, even then.”) The epilogue could have been super meaty but instead was truncated–too bad, there was a lot of unexplored material there! I like her black and white drawing style and her bouffanty hair and cat’s eye glasses.

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