Priceless Memories, by Bob Barker with Digby Diehl

Find in catalogI found this book while looking for another book with an author’s name that started with “B”. I checked this book out because I used to enjoy watching “The Price is Right”. This book is pretty obviously a vanity project – Bob Barker is his own best friend – but was still fun to read to learn more about the history of television and how game shows were produced in the good old days compared to how they are produced now. One thing I found very interesting was Bob Barker’s belief that the cars offered as prizes on “The Price is Right” should be American-made cars. This belief stemmed from the early 1980’s when Detroit was struggling and he clung to it despite quite a bit of pressure from some of the show’s producers. There is also quite a bit in this book about Bob Barker’s animal rights and anti-fur work. A light-hearted, easy summer read.


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