Hold On, by Kristen Ashley

HOLD ON is the second book in The ‘Burg series that I’ve listened to. After listening to AT PEACE I knew I wanted more of from this series. Kristen Ashley writes her books so you can read them as a standalone or as a series. Even though I’ve read book #2 and #6 in this series I didn’t feel lost at all. In HOLD ON Kristen Ashley brings me up to speed with what I missed by not reading the other books. She does it in such a way that it has me contemplating going back and reading some of the books I missed. The back story of our heroine, Cher, is very intriguing.
HOLD ON is about a cop and a single mom. Cher is also a former stripper who now works in a bar. That plot line right there got me intrigued. But that’s not all… she has a history with a serial killer. I really need to figure out what book that is and read it.
Garrett and Cher’s non conventional relationship put a spark in this book. The tough girl, tough guy combo worked well for these two.
There’s no denying when you buy a Kristen Ashley audio book you get your money’s worth. This audio was no exception – it was long (21 hours) and took me just shy of a month to listen to it. Luckily for me I always enjoy a good audio.
If you like older characters (30+) then check out Kristen Ashley’s books because that is a specialty of hers.


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