The Odyssey, by Homer

Find in catalogOut of all of the Greek Mythology stories I read in high school, this was my favorite. As an adult, I decided to go back and read some of my favorites again. The Odyssey is still my favorite story. Homer intertwines his character’s stories in a cohesive manner each telling a piece of the tale. One thing as a women I noticed this time was how Odysseus slept with several women yet when he returns home, he was very adamant that his wife better have been faithful. Even though I did find the story enjoyable, it bothered me that the male protagonists were allowed to sleep around, but the female protagonists were not. I know that this story was written a long time ago, but the attitude that a women is supposed to wait for years and keep celibate yet it is okay for her husband to sleep around with any beautiful women or nymph that comes along bothers me. That being said, the intertwining of the scenery and each characters story and internal conflicts is beautifully engineered. If you are interested in reading some Greek mythology and how Greek gods actively interfered with the lives of mortals, I would recommend reading this book. One thing to note is that there are many different translations of this story. I have read a few of them and my favorite translation was completed by Samuel Butler. I would recommend reading a few paragraphs from each translation and seeing which one you prefer.


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