Prayer, by Susan Fanetti

Wow! Again, I’m in awe of Ms. Fanetti’s ability to capture my attention and make me feel so deeply for her characters. I’m not a crier and yet every single Fanetti book has made me cry with this one being no exception. The realness of her stories leaves a powerful punch. I feel like I really know the characters and because of that I’m invested in their outcome.
”On paper, it looked good: good job, cool house, great family.” John Pagano is the “good son.” He does what is expected of him and he keeps his nose clean. Since this is the 5th book in the series, John has aged through the series and is now in his late thirties. Over the years he’s watched his siblings have families of their own and now he’s realizing he wants one too. He knows on paper he’s the total package with a good job in the family business, a house on the beach and his close-knit family but he’s missing that special someone to share it with.
”Shi**y luck with men.” Katrynn is a catch in herself but unfortunately, she keeps landing the bottom of the barrel type of guys. As a friend and an employee of the Pagano’s, she’s been friends with John for the last 5 years. Their timing has always been off …when one them was in a relationship the other one wasn’t.
”You’re not trying to polish up a turd. You’re trying to find the flaw in the diamond.” Katrynn is like many women who fret over a good thing. They begin to worry that ‘this guy’ is too good to be true. John being about 5 years older than Katrynn, was beyond playing games and was ready to be downright honest about his feelings towards their situation.
The majority of Ms. Fanetti books have older characters which I, for one, thoroughly enjoy. It shows that beyond your teen and college days – when we all favor youth – “older” people can have just as exciting and fulfilling lives. Their stories are book worthy. The maturity that comes with age is something I enjoy reading because life still dumps on those who we’d consider having their act together.
Picking up a Fanetti book is like living in a world where I don’t want to leave. I love the worlds she creates so much that I’m still suffering from a book hangover. The only cure I’ve been able to find for a #FanettiBookHangOver is to wait it out. It’s been a week and a half since I closed the cover of Prayer and I’ve yet to find any book that can hold my attention. *Le sigh*
Don’t miss out this awesome series. If you love books that center around strong family bonds than you’ve hit the jackpot with the Pagano Family series. Plus, for all the fans of FRIENDS-TO-LOVERS romance will be happy with this one.
Prayer is the 5th book in the Pagano Family series.


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