The Road, by Cormac McCarthy

Find in catalogIf your pet peeve is punctuation and indentation then The Road may not be for you. It is my pet peeve and I was having a very hard time reading the book.
However, I was reading this book for my book club so I decided I had to push through it and decided to check out the audio book (that way I couldn’t see the aweful writing style.)
I must admit that you can sometimes hear the punctuation problem and it is annoying. It was also very easy to let your mind wander as you try to listen to it. The voice of the book made it sound like it was dull and boring. I however, set the speaking speed to x1.2 and it made the narrator sound almost normal.
Not until one to two hour into the book, out of five, did I finally get into it. That way where it finally stopped talking about them walking on and on, them sleeping and their hallucinations and instead we learn about why their mother isn’t there, you meet people on the road and get to watch them travel off road.
I will admit I was many times lost in the story. The author just throws you into the middle of the book with no explanation as to why these characters are here in the first place, how the world became this way.
As for a grade or a rating I’d give this book a C+ (3.5 in stars) for barely above average and that you tried.


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