#Girlboss, by Sophia Amoruso

Find in catalogSophia Amoruso, who built an online vintage fashion empire, says her book is neither memoir or business book, but I think it’s both. Pros: She’s an unlikely, plucky former ananrchist money-making machine, has a colorful checkered past, and isn’t afraid to talk about it. She’s sassy and extremely driven. I liked the parts about her life story and how she styled her models and built her business. Cons: She’s not super clear about how her business was able to grow so far so fast. I get that she’s insanely focused on her business, often to the detriment to other things; is super social media savvy; and has a great eye for what sells and how to market it–but I had to read between the lines sometimes to see that. And so if you’re not those things, how do you grow your own business? The business hints she gives are more general/vague, along the lines of what not to say in a cover letter. I would have been interested in more specifics of how she took her business to the top, esp. as she did it debt free. Cool for her, but not so easy for everyone else, so more advice along those lines would have been cool.


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