Throw Out Fifty Things, by Gail Blanke

Find in catalogI give books with this kind of title the side eye. Why fifty things? Why not 47, or 72? Not to mention those books about owning only 100 things, but then you find out no matter how many books you own, you can count them as one thing. Arbitrary. However, this was surprisingly inspirational in a “you can do it! I’m doing it, too! kind of way. The author’s conceit is she’s decluttering right alongside you, and feeling so good as she throws stuff away. (She also keeps a running list of what she’s tossing, and encourages you to do the same, which I would not recommend!) There are lots of stories about other’s decluttering successes, and lots of sidebars with helpful tips. Like many books of this sort, she encourages just keeping stuff you love and need (although, unlike Marie Kondo, she exhorts you to get rid of the stuff you can’t decide about). The tone is fast-paced and breezy and motivational. It’s all about tossing those things that don’t serve you–physical items, for sure, but also bad habits and thoughts.

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