New Order : a decluttering handbook for creative folks (and everyone else), by Fay Wolf

Find in catalogOn a decluttering kick and a decluttering book kick, I picked up this author, who I had heard on a podcast. Despite the subtitle, I didn’t find it super oriented towards creatives (I thought there would be more discussion of paring down art supplies), but there are reminders that if you declutter your schedule, you’ll have more time to play guitar. The chapters on decluttering your schedule (by outsourcing) and reducing your paper/setting up files were the most useful to me. I also liked learning that Goodwill might recycle my old electronics; it would save me time not to have to go to NextStep. And I’ll be checking out websites and All in all though, this book didn’t add a whole bunch of tools to my decluttering toolbox, and it isn’t super inspirational, which I want in a decluttering book.

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