Ten Little Indians, by Agatha Christie

On a recent “And Then There Were None” kick, I followed up with Agatha Christie’s adaptation of her own novel in play form. There is more humor here than in the novel, and not as much menace. There are more characters banding together and forming alliances and less of an “everyone for themselves” feel. And there is a significant change in ending. I appreciate that the TV version I saw kept with the original ending; it seemed more fitting and dare I say more just.
This work has been adapted many times and it was interesting to see a few takes on the source material and how various iterations handled various plot points. It also made me evaluate Christie’s criteria for culpability–her villain kills off the characters in order of most to least cold-blooded, and I would have had a slightly different order. It’s rewarding to have a mystery that made me think a bit about broader themes, rather than just being entertaining.
Incidentally, the copy I read had some fun historical design elements, like the “price 85 cents” on the cover, and a typeface that looks as if it was actually typed on the nice thick stock; you can actually feel the indentations in the page sometimes.


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