: I am Malala: How One Girl Stood Up for Education and Changed the World by Malala Yousafzai

Find in catalogA very familiar figure in the news from the past few years becomes even more impressive when one learns the details of her daily life in Pakistan, especially as the Taliban not only acted as terrorists against citizens but also seemed to make the government cower and accept their ultra-religious rules of life for the country’s citizens (in a supposed cease-fire agreement that the Taliban quickly broke). Not only whippings of people in the streets and bombing of schools happened frequently, even elementary schools (and not just a few but hundreds of schools), but also murders of brave Pakistanis who wanted to retain their free choice and modern lifestyles and chose to stand firm. Malala’s father, a school principal, was a courageous and caring man who kept his school running; and he never asked his daughter to stop speaking out about the right and need of every child for education. Her mother never even tried to dissuade Malala from her public activities, even after it was printed in the newspaper that the Taliban was advising that Malala “should be killed.” You may know that Malala was eventually shot at point-blank range, in the head, but without fatal results; the true story is written by Malala in partnership with a professional writer. Well worth a read to learn more about what is happening in Pakistan, and for the inspiring model of courage and integrity.


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