Everyone is African: How Science Explodes the Myth of Race by Daniel Fairbanks

Find in textThis is an excellent, informative, and even exciting book. Unfortunately, even though I think everyone could benefit by reading it, the author seems to have written it for at least the level of his college students. Several times I had to reread a sentence three times to feel I understood it. But please, don’t let that stop you from checking it out. Fairbanks is a respected geneticist who has written and co-written at least 5 books, and is currently a university professor.

He really explodes the myth of genetically separate races, be they 5, 20, or any named number. He explains how thousands of changes (we used to know them as mutations, but he calls them variants) in genes throughout hundreds of thousands of years have created different genetic codes in everyone. This is compounded and multiplied by historic mass movement events of people around the world, whether they moved because of Ice Age or other weather, political or economic needs, slavery and domination of peoples which added to mixing of genes, and now of course, travel and living in far reaches of the earth from where one was born, then possibly having families….all combine to mix, mix, mix…..our genes which never, by the way “age out” or “dissolve”: we (by this the author means the entire human race) still have within our codes genes from the first humans in Africa. Not only that, but some still carry a bit of Neanderthal genetics! This author has over 20 pages of notes and bibliographic references. I am very interested now in having my DNA analyzed!


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