So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed by Jon Ronson

Find in catalogThis is maybe the fourth Jon Ronson book I’ve read, and it strikes me now that he goes wide but not deep. This book covers instances of people doing wrong and getting slammed. Some do well afterward (Mike Daisey), some don’t (Jonah Lehrer), some get image rehabilitation (Lindsay Stone). To me, hardly anyone’s punishment seemed to fit their crime, and the results are chilling and make me want to stay far away from saying anything, ever, on social media. A Texas judge who actually uses humiliation in his sentences says this–“The justice system is the West has a lot of problems, but at least there are rules. You have basic rights as the accused. You don’t have any rights when you’re accused on the Internet.” Jon Ronson doesn’t actually come down hard on public shaming but he convinced me it does a lot more harm than good.


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