American Wife by Taya Kyle

Find in catalogI read both American Sniper, by Mrs. Kyle’s husband, and American Wife, by Taya Kyle. I could not understand Mr. Kyle’s point of view of his job, but I wanted to hear it from his own words. However, I felt I understood well Taya Kyle’s plight and what she was trying to convey in her book. She was a young lady brought up in the Christian tradition although not overly religious, and she fell in love with a handsome, charming, smart guy who loved horses, cowboy boots, his truck, and his country. She struggled as she raised her children for the most part alone as he was in at least two deployments in the “Iraq war.” She experienced some of the usual struggles of many marriages, and she experienced struggles only felt by families left behind by their soldier mates.

She was amazed by the outpouring of love she felt by the public after her husband was killed by a person with PTSD whom he was attempting to help. She struggled with tenets of her faith and is honest about her doubts and how she resolves them.  I think people of any faith can relate to doubts and struggles. No matter how different a reader may feel compared to Taya, a very sentimental and idealistic woman, I think she represented many common difficult experiences honestly, and she shared intimate and dear details, especially about how she was both touched by her children’s reaction to their father’s death and how she attempted to explain and handle daily life with them through their common tragedy. This is a very human story; and I felt compassion for her.


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