The Life-changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo

Find in catalogThe “magic” in this book is not just a gimmicky phrase. This best-selling Japanese author has a lot of magical thinking going on, like your possessions have feelings. Isn’t that the kind of thought that gets hoarders in trouble? But I do like her idea to notice how YOU (if not your things!) feel when you hold them. I tried this recently at Goodwill and decided not to buy a pair of socks because they made me feel sad! I also started storing my tank tops vertically rather than in a stack thanks to her advice. It does make my drawer a little messier because it’s harder to put things back easily when they’re not stacked, but at least I can see all my tops at once, which is an improvement. I also really like her thought that you can let go of an item that you spent money on but never used because the value was not in the item in itself but the lesson that you didn’t need it. And also the thought that if you get rid of something, then you never have to waste time looking for it! (as long as you remember you got rid of it!) So there were a few gems but on the whole the animism was not very relatable for this American.


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